Baby panda in China clings onto breeder's leg in the most adorable way

(KUTV) Sometimes it’s hard to do chores, but it’s even harder when you have an adorable baby panda clutching onto your leg for attention.

That’s what one little panda did in China on Feb. 23. at the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding in southwest China’s Sichuan Province, according to CBS News.

In a video, a clingy Yazhu can be seen holding on to her favorite breeder like a child would with a parent, while the breeder attempts to get lunch ready for Yazhu and her family, CBS News reported. The baby just wanted to cuddle with the breeder, but he had work to do. Each time Yazhu would grab onto the breeder’s leg, he would lift his leg with the baby panda clinging on and walk several steps over to another area of the giant panda enclosure.

The breeder didn’t stop to give Yazhu some attention until he had set the last bamboo bundle down. Before that, each time he would set Yazhu aside, she would find a way to climb back toward him and clutch back onto his leg.

Eventually, little Yazhu stopped him with her cuteness and got what she wanted – a little cuddle time.

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