Got Dandelions? Here's What You Need to Know

Got Dandelions?

A bright yellow bouquet of hand-picked dandelions is sure to warm a parent’s heart, but it’s also sure to set off the alarms inside their head!

The dandelion is a pervasive little weed that deceitfully closes at the end of the day only to reopen the next day, probably after you’ve departed for work. By the time the weekend rolls around and you have time to focus on the yard, your lawn and garden will appear to be hosting an international convention for these canary blooms and their furry-headed elders.

Also, just for the record, blowing all the seeds into the wind won’t make a wish come true unless you’re wishing for a fresh crop of dandelions to miraculously appear on your neighbor’s lawn.

With roots that average 12 inches in depth (and that have been commonly measured in excess of 10 feet for mature plants), digging these vexing weeds from your lawn is daunting and time consuming. If you leave some roots behind you’re really in for it: the dandelions will return even stronger, with a vengeance.

Dandelions are rapid growth weeds, choking out and weakening your lawn’s integrity. The dandelion root must be killed, but applying herbicides willy-nilly can damage your lawn. It’s vital that you respond quickly to their invasion, so be prepared to stand constant guard or call a professional. The easiest way to eradicate dandelions without endangering your lawn and other plants is to have a professional technician apply strong, effective herbicides that require a license to handle.

A company like EcoLife Solutions, which has over two decades of lawn and garden beautification under its belt, can remedy your dandelion invasion and keep those pesky plants at bay all summer long. Because they purchase herbicides in bulk, EcoLife can treat your lawn and eradicate all your weeds (not just dandelions) for the same price you would pay for the less-effective remedies on store shelves. To learn more and get a free consultation, visit