Take a Chance and Test Your Luck at Wyoming Downs

Wyoming Downs

Utahns know that gambling is verboten within state lines, but a quick trip to Wyoming affords plenty of opportunities to take a chance. Here are a few options for those who are feeling lucky and don’t mind a short drive.


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Historic Horse Race Wagering

Made legal in Wyoming in 2003, outlawed in 2006 and re-legalized in 2013, historical horse racing or “instant racing” is an electronic gambling system.

Machines at Wyoming Downs allow players to bet on replays of races that have already happened. Identifying information about the race like the location, date, and names of horses and jockeys is obscured, so you can’t actually look up what happened. Instead, you pick horses to finish first, second and third using “Skill Graph” charts which show information like trainers’ and jockeys’ winning percentages.

Payouts are based on pari-mutuel processes where the player’s bet is divided into several pools for different winning outcomes like picking the winner or picking the top three in the right order.

Simulcast Races

Another electronic option is betting on simulcast races. These are real races being run in real time, but they’re happening in different cities all over the world. You can place a bet and become part of the same pool of players betting live at the event. Wyoming Downs has simulcast machines too if this type of gambling is more your style.

Real Life Races

Wyoming Downs switched ownership awhile ago and didn’t run races for several years but in 2014, the venue started hosting live races again. Starting in late June and running through the middle of August, Wyoming Downs hosts horse races every Saturday and Sunday.

Place a few bets and try to get lucky, or just get caught up in the fun of the race and cheer on the horses you like best. There’s bleacher and patio seating, and plenty of concession stands are scattered around the grounds. You can even get table service if you buy a ticket for Clockers’ Corner. There are also several bars on site, so you don’t have to worry about getting thirsty.

The After Party

If you don’t want to journey all the way home after your day at the races, there’s plenty you can do in Evanston to end your evening right. The Painted Lady offers live music and delicious food, while Kate’s has great themed parties and specialty drinks. When you wake up the next day, you can enjoy one of the many activities in town or head on home – hopefully a little richer!

Ready to get lucky? Learn more about Wyoming Downs and the nearby City of Evanston.