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Tuesday, June 18 2013, 10:33 AM MDT
Jazz Eliminated From Playoffs With Loss To Spurs 87-81
(KUTV) It was a sad loss to the Spurs Monday night as the Jazz lost by just 6 points.

The game ended with the Spurs ahead 87-81.

There is no more grace period in the play-offs for the Jazz.

Recap of the game:

Spurs had 8 points by the first break, and then the Jazz was temporarily ahead, but it didn’t last long when the Spurs’ Ginoboli got back to back 3-pointers and the Jazz hit 0.

The Jazz nearly had it at one point when they were 79 points to the Spurs’ 83 points, but the Spurs ended up winning the game.

(Copyright 2012 Sinclair Broadcasting Group)Jazz Eliminated From Playoffs With Loss To Spurs 87-81

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