Prep of the Week: Alta’s Nick Lowrimore


(KUTV) Soccer isn’t just a game, it isn’t just a sport, it’s a kind of culture. To play the game is to know the flow of traffic out on the field and also the amount of endurance it takes to live and die in a world where time outs don’t exist. Lee Mitchell’s program over at Alta is one of the premeire programs in the state of Utah and this years team is vying for a region seven title in 2017 as state competition approaches in May. In this week’s Prep of the Week, Adam Mikulich meets Alta Senior Nick Lowrimore who is off to Carrol College in Montata after he graduates in the Spring. In the meantime he’s focused on the Hawks putting their best foot forward and pushing for a 4A title next month. Any fan of local sports will love to meet a great local kid!

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