(KUTV) He’s a remarkable dance ambassador—and Thursday he’s boarding a red eye flight to Russia.

Hip hopper Brett Banford has been invited to dance, and kick up understanding about people with disabilities in Baryshnikov, Russia.

Brett Banford has Down syndrome, a high spirit, and a sense for the beat.

"The way I think of dancing, it’s happy; supportive," Banford says. "It’s fun to get up and start moving."

Five years ago he auditioned for the TV show "So You Think You Can Dance." It pumped up his profile, and now, by invitation of the international group "Best Buddies," he’s performed in New York, Miami, Boston and Moscow.

Guler Banford, Brett’s mother and networking force is proud of her son. "I never imagined we’d be doing what we’re doing," she said. "You know, God has opened a lot of doors for us."

Brett says he doesn’t get nervous in front of a crowd. A well-known dance judge called Brett "A good mover."{ } "They’re just happy watching me dance, seeing what I can do," Brett says.

He’s stepped into celebrity circles, but the well-traveled mover is also firmly connected to a movement for greater acceptance and understanding with disabilities. "One of the biggest things I want people to learn is not to use the R-word," Brett says.{ } "It should not be said in any countries or America."

Brett says his quest, with dance, is to end hatred.

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