Utah company develops smartphone app to test for coronavirus
Utah company AI Biokenetic develops smartphone app to test for coronavirus. (KUTV)

A Utah company is using artificial intelligence to create a coronavirus test that could be done through your smartphone, and the test could be available as soon as next week.

Kelly Vaughen reports. (KUTV)

The test would compare your lung X-rays to tens of thousands of others to determine if you have the markers of coronavirus. 

The creators say it’s faster, safer, and less expensive than current tests.

The app is called “COVID-AI.” 

It was developed by AI Biokinetic, a company based in Orem. Their artificial intelligence technology can tell if your lugs have the signatures of COVID-19.

Utah company AI Biokenetic develops smartphone app to test for coronavirus. (KUTV)

Kade France, Vice President of Software Development said:

If you look at it on an image there’s these certain foggy patterns, almost like fogged glass. And they are indicative of COVID-19.

To use the app you would first fill out some information about your symptoms and get an order for a lung X-ray. Then you would securely upload it to the app and get a result in just 4 seconds. The test is right about 95% of the time, similar to the nasal swab for coronavirus. But the developers say their test has some advantages.

Utah company AI Biokenetic develops smartphone app to test for coronavirus. (KUTV)

Wayne Croft, the Chief Operating Officer said:

The healthcare worker does not have to, that’s taking the x-ray image of the CT scan, does not have to be right there garbed up to take the sample.

The app will be free, but patients would have to pay for the X-ray or CT scan. The creators said they are hoping to set up mobile scanning stations in mall or school parking lots. And to work with business-like chiropractors to get more X-rays without putting added pressure on healthcare workers that are already swamped.

Ian Dawe, medical officer at AI Biokinetic said: 

We’re not trying to overload them. We’re trying to get those of us who have the ability and the training to go out in the community and set these things up so we can start getting people back to work and everybody out of isolation.

The COVID-AI app also has features that can analyze your voice to look for respiratory conditions, as well as a thermal scanner that can take your temperature through your phone camera.

The developers have an ethics board approval this coming Monday if it gets approved the app could be available as soon as Tuesday. 

The creators said they are looking for volunteers to help out if the test is approved.

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