Green Bikes Offer Free Rides

(KUTV) The best way to get someone to try something new is to offer it to them for free.{} That's the idea behind free Greenbike day in Salt Lake City.

Greenbike SLC is offering a free 24 hour pass to any rider who uses the promo code 123.{} The pass gives you unlimited 30 minute trips for a full 24 hours.

Greenbike SLCs director Ben Bolte says already 5,500 people have tried the bike share program. The hope is that the free day will encourage others to give it a try as well.

Greenbike SLC says the bikes are perfect for people who use TRAX to commute into the city, then need to get to other areas of downtown.{} They say so far, the program has encouraged many people to ride two wheels instead of using cars.{} Bolte says 77,000 miles wont be driven because of the bike share program.

The bikes are easy to ride.{} They have a lower center of gravity and don't tip easily.{} Greenbike SLC says they're an easy ride for just about everyone.

During the 24 hour free period, riders can take the bikes for 30 minute stretches of time.{} As long as the bike gets returned to a docking station within 30 minutes, there wont be any charge.

If you try Bike Share and find you'd like to do it again, memberships in Salt Lake City's program are $5/24 hours, $15/7-days, or $75/year (which includes a Bern helmet).

By: Roxeanne Vainuku

(Copyright 2013 Sinclair Broadcasting Group.)
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