Cooking with Chef Bryan - Miso Glazed Salmon


Enjoy a fusion salmon dish with French, Asian and American influences. Fusion cuisine is some of the best ever, whereas, it combines the best flavors from all over! Try using a dijon mustard in the sauce along with the butter or in place of the butter, it’s delicious!


1/3 cup miso paste

1/4 cup water

4 - 4 oz salmon fillets

6 baby bok choy, quartered

1 medium red onion, sliced

4 cups tomato/chicken stock blend

1 cup white wine

8 tbsp butter, cut into pieces

Olive oil

Salt and pepper to taste


1) In a large bowl or resealable plastic bag, mix the miso soup base paste with the water.

2) Add the salmon fillets and let them marinade for about 10 minutes.

3) While the salmon is marinading. Heat your oven on broil and place a cooling rack inside a baking sheet. Spray the rack and baking sheet with cooking spray.

4) Place the salmon fillets on the prepared baking rack and under the broiler for about 5 minutes.

5) Keep an eye on the salmon! Quarter the baby bok choy and wash to make sure there is no dirt trap in between the leaves.

6) Heat a large saute pan on the stove and just enough olive oil to lightly coat the bottom of the pan.

7) Add the sliced onions and saute until soft. Add the prepared baby bok choy and saute until wilted. Salt and pepper to taste and remove from the pan.

8) Remove the salmon when done from under the broiler and set aside.

9) In the same pan, add the tomato chicken stock blend along with the white wine, bring to a boil and reduce by half.

10) Incorporate the butter into the reduced stock.

11) To plate, ladle some of the prepared sauce onto plate and place 3-4 wilted baby bok choy along with a few of the wilted onions onto the center of the plate. Top with a miso glazed salmon fillet , serve and enjoy!