Cooking with Chef Bryan: Slow roasted spoon roast

Slow roasted spoooooon roast.jpg
Slow roasted spoon roast. (Photo: KUTV)

(KUTV) Recipe Courtesy Chef Bryan Woolley


  • 1 tbsp steak seasoning blend
  • 1 tbsp herb blend (Italian seasoning)
  • 1 tbsp beef bouillon (I used better than bullion)
  • 1 3-4 pound beef roast (chuck, top sirloin, round…)
  • cheesecloth


  1. In a small bowl mix the steak seasoning blend, herb blend and beef bullion together until combined.
  2. Spread the seasoning all over the roast and cover with cheesecloth.
  3. Place in a 325 degree oven and roast until the internal temperature is a 195-200 degree’s Fahrenheit.
  4. Plan on cooking about 20-30 minutes per pound, however, cooking times vary and so be sure to go off of the internal temperature for doneness.