Cuisine Unlimited: Super Bowl 7 layer dip

(KUTV) The big game is just one week away and many of us will be headed to a party.Emily Lavin from Cuisine Unlimited is going to show us how to make a dip dish that looks pretty and tastes great.Super Bowl 7 layer dipIngredients:1 Can 16{}{} {}Oz{}{} refried{}{} {}Beans1 Package taco{}{} {}Seasoning mix (low sodium){}{} {}1 C. Sour{}{} {}Cream1 Can chopped{}{} {}Green{}{} {}Chilies1 C. Salsa{}{} {}1 C. Shredded{}{} {}Cheddar{}{} {}Cheese2 C. Guacamole1 C. Sour{}{} {}Cream{}{} {}4 small{}{} {}Pretzel{}{} {}Rods2 tbs. FrostingDirections:1.) Thoroughly mix refried beans & taco seasoning together. 2.) Spread each layor to desired thickness.______________Copyright 2015 Sinclair Broadcast Group