Grilled Cheese and Apple Sandwiches with Big John's Cheese Crisp

As Aired On August 24, 2012
Recipe Courtesy Chef Bryan Woolley

2 slices of bread
3 slice Beehive Cheese Barely Buzzed Cheese
1 golden delicious apple, cored and thinly sliced
1 tomato, thinly sliced
salt and pepper

1.) Spread a small amount of mayonnaise on one side of sliced bread.{}
2.) Top with Barely Buzzed Cheese, a few slices of golden delicious apple and a few slices of tomato.{} Salt and pepper to taste.
3.) Place about a tbsp of butter on the griddle and allow it to partially melt.{} Place the newly made sandwich directly onto the melted butter and allow the bread to toast to a golden brown.{}
4.) While the one side of the sandwich is toasted, carefully butter the top portion of the sandwich so when you need to turn the sandwich on the grill, the bread has already been buttered.
5.) When both sides of the sandwich are golden brown, remove, cut in half and serve with cheese crisps.{} Enjoy!

Big John’s Cheese Crisps

2 cups shredded Big Johns Cajun Cheese

1.) Preheat a non stick pan or griddle.{}
2.) Place about 2 tbsp of shredded Big John’s Cheese onto the griddle of pan and allow it to melt and bubble.{} The cheese should start to darken as it cooks.{}
3.) Carefully remove the melted cheese and place it on a large plate that has been lightly sprayed with vegetable spray.{}
4.) Allow the cheese to completely cool and crisp.{}
5.) Serve with Grilled Cheese and Apple Sandwich.{} Enjoy!

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