Bug detection devices for traveling

Paraben Consumer Software

(KUTV) -- Are you sure you're safe from prying eyes in your hotel room? With recent stories of hidden cameras being found by guests everywhere from cruise ships to vacation rental properties, how can you be sure you aren't being recorded? If you travel a lot, you may want to consider getting bug detection devices. Today on Fresh Living Rob Schroader sat down with the hosts to share details on Paraben Consumer Software's devices designed to detect hidden cameras or recorders when traveling.

Technology that was only available to top government agencies a few years ago is now available for anyone to purchase. There are two types of bug sweepers that can protect your privacy. One is a visual camera lens detector called BugHunter dVideo. It works by emitting light that reflects off hidden camera lenses. When you see a flash or lens flare, you can inspect it for hidden cameras. The second type is radio frequency detectors and they can find more than just hidden cameras. Every recording device and hidden camera emits RF signals that can be picked up by bug sweepers like the BugHunter Micro or BugHunter Expert. When you sweep a room using one of these devices, you will see spikes in these radio frequencies. The more advanced version combines visual charts with sound alarms if bugs are detected.

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