Coping with Grief as a Family

Coping with Grief as a Family

(KUTV) Salt Lake City - Everyone deals with tragedy differently, but often times young children have a hard time understanding their emotions and even the trauma itself. Clair Mellenthin is a play therapist, speaker, author, and trainer. Clair joined Kari & Caitlin on Fresh Living to share how families can work through grief together.

Clair writes:

"Families often struggle knowing how to talk about death and dying and working through grief can be a difficult thing to do in families. Children and teens often internalize their feelings in order to protect their parents from more hurt, as well as not understanding or having words to use to express themselves. It is important to explain to young children what death means using clear language. It is important for families to make new traditions and move forward, but also important to talk about and remember their loved one who has died.

Ways to celebrate and remember someone who has died:

  • have a birthday party for them every year
  • share favorite memories of this person
  • keep their photo in the house
  • do something playful and active in their honor
  • check in with your kids about how they are feeling about this person"

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