Emil Harker: Power talk for teens

Emil Harker

If you have teenagers have a smartphone you know how hard it is to compete to get their attention. The only time they really talk is when they are hungry or they want money or when they ask if you have seen their phone charger. The lack of developing verbal communication skills cause our young people to experience more anxiety, depression, and relationship conflict than ever before. If we don’t do something soon we might be setting our teens up for serious problems.

Consider the following questions:

  • How does your teen answer the phone when you call?
  • How do they approach you when they want to talk to you?
  • How do they ask for things?
  • How do they interact with others?
  • How do they respond to you when you want to talk to them?

Not only is it frustrating to you, but imagine how their marriage is going to be when they haven’t developed the necessary communication skills to bring up issues and resolve them in an effective way. Chances are they are going to get into real emotional and relational trouble and they will need some serious help. That’s where the program “Power Talk” kicks in. Talking Teens is a program designed to help teenagers develop confidence and composure by learning a set of core communication skills that will transform the way they interact with everyone.

  • No more fear of being alone in a group setting.
  • How to talk to anyone with confidence.
  • How to negotiate.
  • How to disagree with someone without being disagreeable.
  • How to ask for things and increase the chances of getting what they want when they ask.
  • How to respond to feedback or criticisms from others.
  • How to bring up sensitive issues or give feedback without being hurtful.
  • When and how to use texting for communication.
  • When you should communicate face to face or phone calls and emails.
  • And MORE!!

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