Emil Harker - Thank you for complaining

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(KUTV) -- Today on Fresh Living Emil Harker, a marriage and family therapist, joins us to give advice to people who are in a mediocre marriage. Emil says, "We have a strong desire to connect with someone with a sense of passion. We want closeness and security. This is what drives two people to fall in love and motivates them to get married but once the goal of marriage is achieved, couples lose focus on marriage goals and focus on individual or cooperative and collaborative goals. The lack of marriage goals leads to the very separation that getting married was supposed to fix. The solution is to regroup and refocus and strategies on creating a custom built marriage. Be conscientious and deliberate about what you want in your marriage."

He has created a 14 day marriage makeover to guide couples through a process of marriage transformation. The process helps couples identify what they want and then develop strategies to create their own custom marriage. Then it teaches you the most powerful ways to deal with inevitable conflict that all marriages have in a way that actually creates more closeness.

More information can be found at ConflictToClosness.com/info.