Empowering Children Through a Growth Mindset

Uplift Families

(KUTV) Salt Lake City - Uplift Families, an organization committed to providing parents with the resources and information they need for raising loving and responsible children, believes that strong parent-child relationships are the key to providing children with the tools necessary to make safe and healthy choices in their lives. Dr. Damian Rodriguez, an advocate and contributor for UpLift Families, talked with Kari & Brooke today on Fresh Living about the importance of empowering your child and helping them develop through a growth mindset.

About Dr. Damian Rodriguez:

Dr. Damian Rodriguez is the health and exercise scientist for doTERRA International, LLC. He holds a doctorate in health science, a master’s degree in exercise physiology, and countless professional certifications. He has spent most of his life researching nutrition, exercise, and the lifestyle behaviors associated with optimal health. Along with his passion for health, as someone who lives with Asperger’s Syndrome, he is also involved in bringing awareness to autism spectrum disorders. He is the father of two young children, and along with spending time with his family, enjoys sharing his thoughts and experiences on fatherhood and parenting.

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