Equality in Utah's Education system

Inclusion Pro

Shawn Newell is a diversity, inclusion, and equity expert who works with companies to build more inclusive workplaces. He is a consultant at InclusionPro and here to talk about ways we can be more inclusive.

With students heading back to school this month, students spend almost as much time in schools as in our homes. So it’s an important place where students learn about and understand the value of diversity, equity, and inclusion. Just like in our homes, if their school leaders don’t understand these concepts, our students will struggle to learn how to be inclusive of everyone.

With COVID, getting the education to all students across the state can be challenging. InclsuionPro has a great leader Sydnee Dickson who is leading equity in our K-12 education system. She has spearheaded the State ACCESS committee and other efforts to drive inclusion, diversity, and equity in our schools.

At InclusionPro, we work with executives and whole companies on building inclusive cultures. We can do virtual trainings or in-person training. Companies see inclusion as a competitive advantage and they are still committed to doing this through this pandemic.

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