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Gabb Wireless: A safe phone for kids, tweens, and in-betweens

Gabb Wireless
Gabb Wireless
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Lance Black is joining us from Gabb Wireless to talk about phones for kids, tweens, and in-betweens.

Gabb Wireless has taken the next leap forward in kids’ phones and tech parents can trust. The company is announcing a number of products and programs to protect children, headlined by the Z2 Gabb Phone, and a smartphone for kids offering even more features to keep them safe and minimize screen time.

The company is unveiling additional products, services, and sponsorships that align with their message for kids to live beyond the screen. These include a new smartwatch, partnerships with Defend Innocence, BYU’s Cougar Strong and Gabb Ambassadors, role models of what kids can accomplish today when they live beyond the screen.

“There’s more to life than what’s on our phones,” said Stephen Dalby, founder and CEO of Gabb Wireless. “Today, Gabb goes even further in promoting the movement we started two years ago to protect children and encourage them to accomplish anything they want—to achieve their dreams.”

Gabb announced the new products and programs with hip-hop artist Lecrae; Gabb Ambassadors; Defend Innocence Board Chair and President Shelaine Maxfield, and founder of #SavetheKids and motivational TEDx speaker Collin Kartchner.

Gabb Z2

The new kids phone allows families to stay connected safely and encourages kids to live beyond the screen. Gabb protects against screen addiction, cyberbullying, inappropriate content, online predators and more. The phone features 14 essential apps to provide freedom from distractions like the internet, games, social media and app stores. It contains a bigger screen, better camera and Bluetooth capability.

For more details about this phone for kids and to sign up for updates on any of the new products and services, visit The Gabb Z2 will be available for preorder at for $99.99 on August 8, 2020.

Wireless Plans

Gabb Wireless introduces the new Gabb Plus Plan for group texting and picture messaging based on the readiness of the child and family. For more information on Gabb’s wireless plans, visit

Defend Innocence and Cougar Strong

The announcement launches Gabb’s charity partnership with Defend Innocence. Gabb presented a $10,000 check to the organization and donates $10 to the foundation for every phone sold through a Gabb Advocate—proactive parents who want to educate and engage other parents about preventing sexual abuse and helping kids use technology safely. Defend Innocence empowers parents, communities and people to eliminate child abuse through education, awareness, volunteering and taking action.

Shelaine Maxfield, Defend Innocence’s Board Chair and President, stated, “Gabb Wireless’ first phone product philosophy directly aligns with Defend Innocence’s perspective on how we should ease our kids into technology use. As an organization that is committed to the prevention of child sexual abuse, we’re proud to be in a partnership with Gabb Wireless to keep kids safe.”

Gabb also is the title sponsor of Cougar Strong, a collaborative program between BYU student-athletes and local elementary schools to make children “Cougar Strong” by focusing on three areas: mental, social and physical. Gabb is adding a “tech strong” area to help children use technology responsibly.

The announcement kicks off Gabb Life, an ambassador program and collaboration with talented young athletes from a wide range of sports. Ambassadors include BMX rider Caiden Cernius (9); Supercross champion Kelana Humphrey (12); surf prodigy Jackson Dorian (13); backcountry skier Kai Jones (13); tennis player Kalli Minor (14); surfer/skater/golfer Sierra Kerr (13); painter Tyler Gordon (12); singer/songwriter Lexi Mae Walker (17) and women’s football pioneer Samantha “Sam” Gordon. These talented young prodigies actively encourage fellow youths to live their lives beyond the screen.

Many of the athletes and artists attended the announcement, sharing how Gabb has helped them achieve their goals while staying safe and connected to their families.

About Gabb Wireless

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Established in 2018 and headquartered in Provo, Utah, Gabb Wireless enables parents to provide phones for kids without worrying about untethered access to the internet, inappropriate content, social media pressure, online bullying, academic distraction and cellphone addiction. To learn more about Gabb, visit