Get Your Home and Marriage Organized

Clear & Simple Organizing

(KUTV) Salt Lake City - If you feel like your home and your marriage is chaotic and cluttered, you're not alone. Marla Dee is a professional organizer, and she says if you organize your home, you can make a huge difference in your marriage.

Marla writes:

"Organizing Tips for COUPLES in Chaos! Working together rather than battling each other. I am often called a marriage therapist by the couples I work with. I am in their home, I see the clutter and chaos, I hear the overwhelm and frustration. I hope you can use these tips to help make organizing easier and get closer as a couple.

TIP 1: Let the bedroom be all about rest, intimacy and connection. Remove all clutter, especially paper piles or projects. After clearing the bedside tables, place items like candles, books or music that help you relax and enjoy each other. Choose the furniture and items that you both love. Keep the TV out of the bedroom.

TIP 2: Just like a weekly date night, schedule a weekly planning session together. Make this time fun! Choose a comfortable place in or out of your home that you love being in. Share your wins and disappointments from the week before. Have a shared calendar to track all the needed activities on. Look at the week ahead and share with each other what is happening and what kind of support you need. You can also handle meal planning and budgets during this time. Then it won’t be hanging over you.

TIP 3: Honor each other’s organizing styles. Each of you gets your “own space” to keep the way you want. We tend to be attracted to and partner with our opposites. Each person needs their own space, their own hobbies and their own time to do their stuff. This will relieve stress and make time together more meaningful.

TIP 4: Share the load and/or delegate the keep it up tasks. Our days are full of the keep it up tasks – cleaning, fixing, errands, calls, etc. Yet, we have really full lives and there just isn’t time to do everything. So, choose what maintenance things each person enjoys doing (you might love doing laundry or yard work). Then hire out the tasks that neither of you has the time, energy or skill set to do. Examples of this would be to pay a housecleaner, professional organizer, yard keeper or meal manager.

Audience Homework – Sit down this week with your partner and choose your time of the week for Tip 2. Make this fun and get to know each other in a whole new way. Please share your success with me at or and I will give you a prize. I want you to get organized and have fun doing it!"

You can get a Consultation for $125 or a 5-Hour Package for $350 from Marla Dee. You can learn more by going to or calling 801-463-9090.