Getting Real with Emil: Live Marriage Therapy

Emil Harker

(KUTV) Salt Lake City - Emil Harker, Relationship Guru and Marriage Therapist, joined Kari today on Fresh Living to talk about his new live marriage therapy program, "Getting Real with Emil," and how he plans to use it to break the stigma of hiring a marriage coach.

A note from Emil Harker:

What? You Don’t Have A Marriage Coach!? Tiger Woods has a golf coach, Pete Sampras has a tennis coach, Michael Phelps has a swimming coach. I have found it interesting that as a marriage therapist or marriage coach that there are some who don’t quite see getting help with their marriage or love life the same as hiring a golf coach. It’s like society at large is so insecure and worried about what others think that they rather fake like everything is great in their marriage. The truth is, everyone has marriage challenges. Everyone! Do we really think pretending like everything is perfect is that convincing? One reason for this is that we haven’t put an emphasis on training for one of the most important aspects of our life - marriage. We have no problem hiring a personal trainer to get rock hard abs or look better in a swim suit, but heaven forbid we work on more important things in life- because other people might realize that we are totally real people!! The dark ages of insecurity and fear is being threatened by a social media movement that is just starting to break through. Social media sensations like Collin Kartchner (IG CollingKartchner) and Kristina Kuzmic (IG KristinaKuzmic) are proof that being real is better than pretending to be perfect. Their huge following is testament that being real makes it eaier to connect, relate, and feel good about being a normal human being.

Welcome Marcos and Maria, the coolest couple on the planet. They want to break the stupid rules of pretending and invite you to join them in the “Getting Real with Emil” live marriage therapy program where they share their marriage coaching journey with the world. Real people, real problems and real solutions. Join us Wednesday nights at 9:30 pm starting April 11, 2018 by following IG EmilHarker. And when you are ready to stop pretending and hope that without doing anything your golf swing, tennis swing, or even marriage can get better all by itself, maybe you can get real with Emil too.

Emil is the Author of the book “You Can Turn Conflict Into Closeness” and a regular expert guest on KUTV Fresh Living program.

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