How sedation dentistry can get you the treatment you need

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Over 15% of adults experience dental anxiety!

Dental issues that are not corrected in time can have a cascading effect, possibly resulting in tooth loss. Avoiding the dentist can quickly evolve into needing extensive dental therapies. Sedation dentistry breaks this vicious cycle and eases dental anxiety or dental phobia.

Kinds of sedation:

Minimal: You’re relaxed and awake. Usually in the form of inhaled sedation-laughing gas.

Moderate: You’re sleepy but awake. Usually in the form of oral medication.

Deep: You’re barely awake. Usually in the form of IV sedation.

General anesthesia: You’re unconscious. In the form of IV sedation.

For complex procedures such as dental implants or full mouth reconstruction such as the all on 4, patients benefit even more with sedation. it allows the dentist to work faster equating to less operating time, faster healing, and less downtime. Many patients who have avoided the dentist for years because of severe dental anxiety unfortunately typically need more complex procedures such as implants to treat their existing issues. Dental implants are a great way to restore function and aesthetic long term. For patients who need extensive treatment, the all on 4 is a great option to permanently replace an entire arch of teeth.

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