How to Clear the Clutter

Clear the Clutter

(KUTV) Salt Lake City - Marla Dee, Creator of the Clear & SIMPLE Way, dropped by Fresh Living with tips on how to clear the clutter from our lives.

Most of us have clutter in some form or many forms. It is easy for others to say - "get rid of it" - but where do we start when it feels so overwhelming?

Here are her top tips for making clutter clearing simple:

  1. Start small. Start with your junk drawer, your purse or your car.
  2. Let is be easy. Grab a box or a bag, walk through your space and put in the easy let go. Or set a timer for 30 minutes and grab all the easy stuff.
  3. Get a buddy! Choose a trusted friend and commit to a time each month when you take turns helping each other.
  4. Choose one area or room each season rather than trying to do it all.
  5. Join our 30-Day Clutter Clear Out this October - let go on 1 thing each day for 30 days!! (Go to the website page anytime for support

Words of Wisdom - Remember it will be a process of layers. It took me three years when I did my first major clearing.

Join our C&S 30 DAY CLUTTER CLEAROUT Online Event October 1-31st.

Go to for resources and to link to our Facebook Page.

Audience Homework - Join our Facebook Clutter Clearing Group and share your stories! I want you to get free of the clutter that is holding you down or keeping you stuck - Marla Dee