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How to Organize Old Photos

Clear and Simple
Clear and Simple
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(KUTV) Salt Lake City - Do you have boxes of old printed photos stashed away? Do you have hundreds or thousands of pictures on your phone and computer? Do you get stressed just thinking about dealing with all the photos? Photos are can be our most precious possession yet trying to keep them organized can be a nightmare.

Marla Dee with Clear & Simple, LLC stopped by Fresh Living to share 4 tips on getting photo clutter organized and on display.

Marla says, "Photos are my last big clutter clearing and organizing project. They have haunted me for years! I want you to try the Clear & SIMPLE Way to get through the important organizing project and make it FUN!"

Enjoy Clear & Simple's Top Four Tips:

  • First, start with this year and last year’s photos. Most of us have year’s worth of pile up and that is just too much to take on. So by making the project simpler you will stand a chance of getting through it.
  • Second, try out the ABC’S for the SORTING Step of the photos. This brilliant system comes from APPO (Association of Personal Photo Organizers). SORT the photo’s into the following four categories: A stands for ALBUM. This is where you place the photos that you know you want printed for albums or photo books. B stands for BOX or BACKUP. These are the pictures you want to keep but don’t need to see regularly. C stands for CAN (Trash Can). These are all the duplicates, the bad shots, and the meaningless shots! S stands for STORIES. These are the best photos in my opinion! We remember most of our life by events and stories so keeping your photos this way works wonderfully. Note – once you get through the first sort, you can also sort according to person or time frame.
  • Third, choose your form of backup! Printed photos are still recommended for the long-term storage since our digital world changes so much. However, all the precious photos ought to be scanned and kept digitally. We recommend a backup drive and also cloud storage like Dropbox.
  • Fourth, get help from a friend, family member or professional organizer. This will make the project much more fun and ensure that it gets done!

Clear & Simple, LLC is hosting a Photo Organizing Workshop August 19th, 2017 from 9 am to 1 pm. You can enter to win a free ticket to the workshop by going to and post a comment with your reason for wanting to attend the workshop.

Clear & Simple wants to also share three local resources that can help you, along with the August 19th workshop.

  1. Kate Fehr, with Clear & SIMPLE, is an expert for helping you with digital photos and information. She personally helped me clear over 10 gigs from my computer. We then set up simple systems for all the new photos coming in. She is amazing. You can contact her at
  2. Scott & Donna Harper can help sort, scan and organize you’re photos and other memories such as slides, old videos and audio! I have used them many times and highly recommend them! They can also put all your family movies on Apple TV.
  3. Natalie Avery, owner of 2 Spare Hands, is a member of APPO and trained to take you all the way through your photo-organizing project, including scanning! You can find her at
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You can find more organization tips and get help by going to or calling 801-463-9090.