How to Pick a Perfect Planner

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(KUTV) Salt Lake City - The best way to start a new year is to plan it out. Marla Dee with Clear & SIMPLE Way joined Kari & Brooke on Fresh Living to share her advice on picking out the perfect planner.

Marla Dee writes, "Daytimer Dilemma! We need paper planners more than ever! We love our technology for tracking all the details of our contact and appointments. But nothing replaces paper for planning out our month, week and day. Putting pen to paper is grounding for our bodies and brains. Yet we get overwhelmed trying to figure out which planner to get! Big or small, just the months or do I need the day, simple or colorful Here are my top tips for picking the perfect planner, along with some favorite choices.

1. SIZE MATTERS: Will you want to carry it with you at all times? If so does it need to fit in your purse or pocket? Or do you want a larger planner? - For a simple, sleek planner try the moleskin which you can get on Amazon.

2. MONTH, WEEK & DAY: How much use do you need? a. You can keep it simple and just get a 2-page month to keep track of appointments. Most of us need this because doing it on the smartphone is impossible. b. However, if you need more space or want to make simple lists, then also get a 2-page week. c. If you need to plan out your day in detail then a 1 or 2-page day is needed. - For tabs and pages that fit the disc bound notebook go to or Etsy or your local office max. The advantage here is that you can add and subtract pages easily.

3. DESIGN MATTERS: You will be using your planner all the time so choose a look and feel that you love. You can also get creative and customize. - For stylish in different sizes and formats

4. PERSONAL &/OR BUSINESS USE: There are excellent planners available now that really help you stay focused on your goals and productivity. - For a super smart, productive 2-page day: You can download the pages and try them out first. - And don’t forget the classics of Daytimer and Franklin Covey.

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