IFA Country Store pet care for outdoor activities

Get all your pet needs at IFA Country Store this season.

Get all your pet needs at IFA Country Store this season. IFA helps grow the things you love – including your pets! IFA carries food for just about any type of pet you have living in your home. In addition to food, IFA also carries top-grade pet accessories like collars and leashes. It is important to pick out a leash and collar set that keep your pet happy and safe.

Yearly Pet Health Tips: Every IFA store has experts that can help you pick out products and share tips on how to keep your pet happy and healthy. Pets like dogs need to stay up-to-date on things like shots and heart worm medicine to ensure good health year-round. At IFA, we carry a variety of products to help your pets stay current on their medical health. Another way to keep your dog happy and healthy is having the proper equipment when taking your best friend with you on outdoor adventures like hiking and camping. Before you hit the trail, make sure you are prepared to take care of your dog.

Come into an IFA store today and talk with our experts about your pet needs. To find a store near you, visit Ifacountrystores.com.