InclusionPro: How to talk to your kids about race


Shawn Newell is a diversity, inclusion, and equity expert who works with companies to build more inclusive workplaces. He is a consultant at InclusionPro and joining us today to discuss how to talk to your kids about race.

He says the highest priority when speaking to your kids about race is emphasizing the value of differences. Before we talk to our kids about race we need to be knowledgeable about the topic ourselves. Explain to them that they should not expect everyone they talk to or think the same way about race. They will need to be brave. Teach them the value of diverse thoughts, colors, and personalities. Be honest and open. There is nothing more harmful than putting children in an awkward position with others by filling them with misinformation. Most of all talk to children about treating everyone with respect and that we are all equal. Don’t get too deep.

InclusionPro works with executives and whole companies on building inclusive cultures. They offer virtual trainings or in-person training.

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