InclusionPro: Inclusivity in the workplace


Companies have a lot on their plate – with the pandemic, stressed-out employees, and with social justice concerns. Sara Jones is a diversity and inclusion expert who works with companies to build more inclusive workplaces. InclusionPro works with some of the largest companies in Utah to build cultures of inclusion. Sara says company leaders are more concerned about the health and wellbeing of their employees because of the pandemic and that is great to see. Many companies are also doubling their efforts on diversity, inclusion, and equity, and using this “downtime” to focus these efforts on their company.

More companies are seeing diversity as a competitive advantage and hiring for diversity. She says when this great talent joins our organization, they aren’t as included on their teams as well as they could be. The reality is that just having diverse people on a team does not create inclusion. Leaders have to actively build this within their teams. Online learning is a great way to do training. Sara trains whole executive teams and whole companies through web conferencing.

Look forward to more topics in upcoming segments:

  • Talking to our kids about race
  • Inclusivity in our communities

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