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Inclusivity in the community from InclusionPro


Sara Jones is a diversity and inclusion expert who works with companies to build more inclusive workplaces. We’ve talked about a lot of great ways to create more inclusivity. Today, Sarah discusses inclusivity in the community.

Last Tuesday, Governor Herbert announced the Compact on Racial Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Companies. This was signed by multicultural leaders and business leaders and it’s an agreement to work together toward equal opportunity. Over 100 leaders and companies have signed so far. The intent is to inspire action, not just words. Sarah says she's been able to work with many companies who have signed and see their work in action.

There are so many great organizations, such as:

The Utah Black Chamber is doing a great job building partnership between the Black community and our business community.

Suazo Business Center that has helped over 2600 small business of all ethnicities.

Curly Me has wonderful programs for Black girls.

How business leaders can be useful to building inclusion

Sarah says to definitely support nonprofits if you can. It’s been a difficult year so they will appreciate support, volunteer time, and in kind services. Second, it’s so important to remember the as leaders, we often have the most impact in our own workplace. If every leader were to work on creating equal opportunity in their own leadership teams, it would make such a big impact across the state of Utah.

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