Internet Safety: Dangers of Finsta

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(KUTV) Salt Lake City - Have you heard of Finsta? If you're a parent, you'll need to know about this app and others that kids are using to 'hide' their internet usage from parents. Rob Schroader with Paraben Consumer Software joined Kari Hawker-Diaz and Nikola Clark on Fresh Living to share his tips for parents on protecting their kids online.

Teens are becoming more and more savvy when it comes to hiding their social media activities from parents. One disturbing trend is to use an app called Finsta that creates a fake Instagram account that allows them to post things to a specific group of their Instagram friends while blocking these posts from their parents. Finsta allows kids to have a picture perfect identity on Instagram while sharing their alternate personality with a select group of people.

Kids are moving away from Facebook and moving to apps like Snapchat & Instagram. There are plenty of other popular messaging apps as well such as WhatsApp, Kik, Twitter, and WeChat. Parents should be aware of which apps their kids are using to communicate and share photos and videos.

Another popular app kids are using is Tumblr. This popular micro-blogging app allows users to share photos, videos, memes, and to comment on other users posts. The more parents understand how their teens are using social media, the more they can track their activities. It's important to keep up on the trends of social media apps.

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