Internet Safety: Sexting Dangers

Internet Safety: Sexting Dangers (KUTV)

SALT LAKE CITY (KUTV) Rob Schroader from Paraben Consumer Software visited Fresh Living with great tips to help your family stay safe online.

“Sexting - It's still a problem Kids still don't realize the dangers of sexting. The most frightening issue is that it can actually be illegal to send and receive illicit photos based on the age of the person in the photo,” Schroader says.

If photos are shared with others, these are some of the consequences:

  1. Shame & bullying
  2. Law enforcement get involved
  3. Expulsion from school

“Adults are also frequently guilty of sexting,” Schroader says. “This can cause problems in marriage as well as professional careers.”

Parents and spouses can help prevent sexting by setting clear boundaries but by also investigating computer and phone activity.

Phones: the iRecovery Stick and Phone Recovery Stick can retrieve text messages and photos (even photos hidden by photo hiding apps) so parents can be sure their kids are following the rules.

Computers: the Porn Detection Stick can analyze all images on a computer and let you know which ones are likely pornographic in nature.