Internet Safety: Online Gaming

Internet Safety

(KUTV) Salt Lake City - Many kids today spend time gaming online, but parents may not know the hidden dangers that comes with online gaming. Rob Schroader, Internet Safety Expert, joined Kari Hawker-Diaz and Brooke Mangum on Fresh Living to share his tips for parents of gamers.

Schroader writes:

"Online gaming has never been bigger for kids. There are hidden dangers that every parent needs to know about. One major concern for parents of online gamers is the amount of time some kids spend gaming. This can affect their schoolwork as well as social aspects of life.

Another concern is pay-to-play or micro-transactions. Players are awarded with special items for their characters but they can easily skip earning these achievements by paying for them. These small cost items can add up to hundreds of dollars in a very short time.

Online gaming is a very social activity. Players can have public profiles that can open them up to risks from predators and inappropriate content. In fact, inappropriate content is one of the biggest risks in online gaming. Racism, sexism, pornography and foul language runs rampant in online gaming communities.

What can parents do? The first thing parents need to do is to find out what games their kids are playing online and set clear rules and expectations. Set limits on how much time they can spend gaming. Do not share personal information with anyone online. Encourage fair treatment of others. Make sure they know how to block players exposing them to inappropriate content.

If parents are still concerned that their kids may be participating in inappropriate talk while gaming, they can monitor their kids online activities. One way to do this is a product like our Voice Logger which is a security tool for Windows computers that records conversations on and around computers. Users don't know they are being recorded and recordings are emailed to the parents. This allows parents to enforce rules while using their computer and prevent unauthorized access and use of the computer. Voice Logger is easy to setup and use and can help parents feel assured their kids are not participating in inappropriate behavior while online."

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