Jasper House Haiti: Giving Women the Keys to Freedom and Independence

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Jasper House Haiti.png

(KUTV) Fresh Living visited with Founder of the Jasper House Haiti, Maria Atkinson, to find out how she is giving Women the Keys to Freedom and Independence.

Women in Haiti are often the providers for their family, but are not given the same opportunities as men to earn an income. Most women resort to prostitution in order to feed and house their families.

The Jasper House Haiti offers three foundational pillars to help.

  1. Restoration - Our transitional housing program, therapy services and victim support.
  2. Education - Our emphasis on the importance of educating women and giving them the opportunity to better their lives.
  3. Empowerment - Giving our women the keys to freedom and independence through job training and eventual employment through learning art, jewelry making and sewing, which are in turn made into items sold through our social business, Rise & Empower.

Watch this video to understand more about the Jasper House:

For more information or find out how you can help, visit jasperhousehaiti.org.