Keeping college affordable at SLCC

Salt Lake Community College

Keeping college affordable is a big deal these days. And Salt Lake Community College president, Dr. Deneece G. Huftalin is here sharing how SLCC is helping to keep the cost of higher education low.

She says, "Keeping costs down is the number one thing SLCC does to make college affordable. Affordability is essential for student success and helps minimize student loan debt. In fact, students wanting to earn four-year degrees can save about $10,000 by first earning their associate’s degree at SLCC and then transferring to one of the state’s universities.

SLCC Promise is our tuition assistance program that we started in 2016 that helps full- time students cover the cost of tuition when federal grants fall short. When a student is eligible for only some federal financial aid, SLCC promises to pay the rest. To date, our Promise program has awarded $2.75 million to more than 2,000 full-time students. In fall 2020, we are going to make the program available to three-quarter-time students. The reason for this is that more than 80 percent of SLCC students work while attending school, and because of this many take fewer classes to meet employment and family obligations. We hope these changes to our program allow more students to participate in SLCC Promise and encourage them to stay in school and earn their degrees or certificates.

Reducing or eliminating some of the other costs that come with college is very important. Textbooks can be surprisingly expensive and something that isn’t always factored into budgets when making an educational plan. We have a program called Open SLCC, which is an initiative that replaces textbooks in the classroom with free, high-quality online educational resources. Open SLCC has been available since 2014, and since that time we’re proud to say that 133,000 of our students have saved more than $11 million in textbook costs.

Online classes are a great way for students who need flexibility to keep on track with their schooling. In recent years, we have expanded the number of online courses available at the college. Today, we have 10,000 students taking online courses, and SLCC Online would be our second-largest campus if it were a physical site. When students are having issues with class scheduling, we ask them to explore our online class offerings to help them maintain their momentum.

SLCC offers students an opportunity to earn a degree or certificate, while studying in state-of-the-art facilities, with an average class size of 20, taught by experienced, world-class and caring faculty. High quality, high touch, low cost.

You can find out more at or you can search for Open SLCC on, or come on over to one of our four Admissions offices – those locations are also on our website and our counselors there can provide you with any information you need."