Larry H. Miller Honda: Car Repair Tips

Larry H. Miller Honda

(KUTV) Salt Lake City - Where do you take your car to get repaired? Scott Harding, General Manager at Larry H. Miller Honda in Murray, joined Caitlin on Fresh Living to share his car repair tips.

Scott says, "Many people think they save tons of money by going to independent auto repair shops, rather than a vehicle make-specific dealership to service their vehicle. This is not necessarily the case. What you don’t know is that those independent mechanics are often using after-market or even refurbished parts to save you money. At the dealership, we strive to find the RIGHT part, which will give your vehicle more reliability, and in some cases not void your warranty. Sure, we have the option to go aftermarket for your vehicles parts, as well, and that option will be thoroughly explained to you. Not to mention that we have Honda-certified mechanics, so you’ll have the comfort in knowing your vehicle is only worked on by someone who truly knows what they are doing."

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