Life Coach Trigena - Getting Organized for the Holidays

Life Coach Trigena

(KUTV) -- Today on Fresh Living Trigena Halley, Life Coach, Author, and Speaker, joined the hosts to share some tips for making the holidays less stressful.

1) Weekly Prep

This time of year things get very hectic, making sure your week is off to a good start and you are effective and efficient is especially important. A great start to your Monday begins on Sunday! We all know eating healthy throughout the week starts with food prep before the week begins. Similarly, being effective during the week begins with a little Sunday (or weekend) prep time!

Planning one or two hours of “weekly prep” on Sunday, or anytime during the weekend, can make a big difference in your effectiveness for the week ahead. Here are a few ways to get into the right mindset with your “weekly prep”.

2) Week End Review

Your weekly list is fluid – items will move off, items will stay that did not get done and items will be added. Throughout the week you will add items as dictated by what is occurring during your week. This means some things may not be completed. As you prep for your week ahead, review what did and did not get completed and ask yourself:

  • Why didn’t these items get completed?
  • How important are these items for the coming week?
  • If they are continually not getting completed, do they need to stay on the list, be retired or set aside for completion at a later time?

3) Prepare Ahead of Time

What can you do during your one to two hours of “weekly prep” to help you get off to a good start on Monday? Think about you can do ahead of time – right now – that will give you more freedom as you start your week. This is valuable as it gives you headspace and focus to be creative and productive. A few less things for you to do on Monday will free up the valuable resource called time!

4) Focus on Output

Think in terms of what you want to get accomplished overall - what is the bigger picture of what needs to occur during the week? For instance, you might want to get all your Christmas shopping completed, finalize your Christmas cards, complete and turn in a project at work by Thursday and begin helping your high school daughter fill out college scholarship applications. Now you know your four major outputs. These are your big rocks; everything else fits and flows around these big rocks.

5) Categorize Your “To Do” List

Once you know your output you can begin putting together your “to do” list and categorizing those “to do” list items. Organize your “to do” list into categories – your major outputs as well as other general categories. For instance you may have the following categories aligned with your outputs plus a few additional items:

  • Complete Christmas Shopping
  • Finalize Christmas Cards
  • Turn in Work Project by Thursday
  • College Scholarship Applications
  • Random Life Items
  • Other Work Items
  • Personal Care Items

Categorizing makes the “to do” list far less overwhelming. Categorizing gets you into one frame of mind, it focuses you on your outputs instead of bouncing around between “to do” list items without a direction.

6) Self Care

Remember to plan for your own self-care! Nothing sidetracks weekly productivity and efficiency quicker than not taking care of your emotional, mental and physical wellbeing. Enough said!

7) Margin and Review Time

As you think about your week, look at your calendar and plan in margin and review time.

  • Margin – block out time for nothing – time saved for the unexpected.
  • Review – schedule time to reflect on how your week is progressing toward outputs and make adjustments as needed.

Make sure your week is not completely scheduled. When your week has no margin or time for review and reflection it is easy to become overworked, stressed and behind in commitments and completions. Life happens, without scheduled margin and review time you will find your best laid plans in upheaval and efficiency and productivity tanking.

Invest in “weekly prep” and lower your stress, improve your productivity and be more efficient!

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