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Life Coach Trigena - How to Give S.T.A.R. Feedback

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(KUTV) Salt Lake City - Today on Fresh Living Trigena Halley, Owner of Peak Performance Coaching, Consulting, and Training, joined the hosts with tips for giving constructive feedback via the S.T.A.R. method.

How to give STAR Feedback

Last month we talked about the importance of “feed- forward” feedback and how the feed-forward concept can dramatically improve the quality of communication by ensuring those who are on the receiving end are better positioned to be receptive to its content.

The STAR approach builds on the feedback concept and provides the HOW of giving effective feedback. The STAR concept is broken down into the following components:

1. Situation/Task

Be specific about the situation or task regarding the feedback you are giving

2. Action

What was the action taken or observed regarding the situation/task.

3. Result

What was the result of the action taken.

This approach can be used in a myriad of feedback situations and even in situations where you are providing a “thank you” to someone.

STAR examples include:

  • Your presentation today was so engaging and well thought out. I especially liked how you spoke up clearly and made a point of making eye contact with each person in the room. I know you’ve said in the past that talking in front of groups makes you nervous, but today you came across as confident and the result was a presentation that was engaging as well as informative.”
  • “I noticed you came in at 12:15am last night, curfew is 12:00 midnight, dad and I are concerned, lets sit down and talk about it.”
  • “Thank you for helping the team with the revised deadline for project X. You jumped right in and gathered the necessary support from other departments and put in extra hours this past week to ensure we met expectations. Your support allowed us to me the deadline and the expectations of the client.”
  • “I noticed you are all caught up on assignments and tests in the Canvas system at school. I appreciate the effort and discipline you have shown in balancing volleyball practices and games with your schoolwork. Your hard work is reflected in how well you are balancing all your responsibilities.”
  • “Thank you for helping with the family move, the time you spent helping us pack up and unpack boxes made the move easier and faster! We appreciate you!”
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