Love the Skin You're In

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Love the Skin You're In.jpg

(KUTV) The topic of body image and size acceptance has been gaining momentum in the mainstream culture. More people are speaking out against body shaming and size discrimination. However, more work can be done to shift the focus of our body discussions away from size and shape, to a discussion based on fueling our health and wellness from the inside out to feel good about our shape at any size.

Angela Martindale visited Fresh Living with 4 tips to love the skin you're in:

  1. Embrace that you are unique.
  2. Choose to be happy in your body regardless of size and shape for a more positive experience by utilizing positive self-talk.
  3. Balance Your Life. Time management, healthy eating, getting your finances in order, detoxifying your living space, organizing your goals, etc.
  4. Recognize Your Body Is a Gift. /

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