Managing the stress of the election season

Managing Election Season Stress

Politics can bring out the best and worst of people and their relationships. Finding ways to disagree or find a middle ground is critical in maintaining your relationships with others.

Clair Mellenthin, LCSW, RPT-S is a sought-after supervisor, international speaker, and renowned play therapist. Clair is the author of the best selling books Attachment Centered Play Therapy; Play Therapy: Proven Strategies for Childhood Disorders, and My Many Colors of Me Workbook. In addition to being an experienced play therapist and professor, she frequently appears on local and national media as an expert on children and family issues.

Clair says to recognize your personal triggers. Give yourself permission to stop, breathe, and think before responding. You never will change someone's mind over a facebook battle. Just stop engaging.

Her advice is to find ways to connect even when you disagree and that it's important to maintain family and friend relationships. Setting and maintaining boundaries around hot topics is also critical.

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