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Mountain Heights Academy: An Academically-Rich Online Public Charter School

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(KUTV) Mountain Heights Academy visited Fresh Living to talk about their academically-rich Online Public Charter School. It is an accredited, online public charter school for grades 7 through 12 with certified teachers, more one-on-one interaction between students and teachers, and in person extracurricular activities (like school dances and service learning).

DeLaina Tonks, principal of Mountain Heights Academy, discussed the top four items to watch for when researching educational options for your student:


This term indicates that the school you're looking into meets certain academic standards. Accreditation ensures their hard-earned education will qualify them to pursue their post-graduate goals, like college, without extra work. It also certifies that their credits will transfer to other accredited schools, including traditional brick-and-mortar schools. For example, Mountain Heights Academy, a Utah online school for grades 7-12, is accredited by AdvancEd. Students who have attended Mountain Heights have gone on to attend prestigious local and national universities and colleges to earn their undergraduate degrees.

Certified Teachers and Faculty

Good teaching is perhaps the most critical part of a solid education, whether it's online, blended, or face-to-face. Make sure to research the teachers and faculty who will be teaching and interacting with your child on a daily basis. Confirm that all of the teachers at the school have earned at least a bachelor's degree and that they are state licensed. When reaching out to online school personnel and guidance counselors, ask if they will provide information on their hiring process and criteria. If asked, schools may also share student satisfaction survey results, which can give insight into the teaching caliber of the faculty.

Navigable and Accessible Platform(s)

Digital learning is easier than ever. However, not all online schooling platforms are created equal. Attend an openhouse, if possible, and ask for a tour of the password-protected student-teacher portal where students receive and submit their daily course work, chat with teachers and stay up to date on school news. This platform should be easy to navigate and user-friendly.

Provided Tools and Materials

One of the reasons most families choose online education is because of the flexibility. Online education allows your child's course work to be accessed from anywhere with internet access (imagine an Olympic athlete attending school from the ski lodge in between training sessions, or a remote military dependent video-conferencing their teacher while traveling). However, this only works if students have the tools to be able to log in to the online platform. For instance, Mountain Heights Academy issues all students a laptop, to use for school purposes.

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