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(KUTV) Salt Lake City - Today on Fresh Living Robin Towle, the current Mrs. Utah America, sat down with Kari & Brooke to talk about the nonprofit organization she founded, "Sign Wolf Pact," and its mission to prevent teen suicide in Utah.

About Robin Towle:

Robin Towle has been married to her husband Kevin for 23 years. Together they have six children. Robin graduated from East Carolina University with a Bachelor of Arts in Economics with a minor in Dance. She owned a dance studio for several years before being a stay at home mom. Robin is an actor, writer and director. You can view her credits on IMBD including her first lead role as Dora in Lost at Desert, which will be submitted to the Sun Dance Film Festival this year. Robin is the Author of two children’s books that are ready for publication. Robin currently holds the title of Mrs. Utah America and is passionate about promoting her platform of suicide prevention. Robin's children are becoming more independent and she is finding time to spread her wings. While her creative pursuits are invigorating, Robin has felt a call that she has been pursuing for several years. Because of the unbelievable amount of teenage suicides in her community and having a child who struggles with anxiety and depression, Robin has felt a power beyond herself that has come with an amazing amount of inspiration. She is the founder of “Sign Wolf Pact”, a nonprofit organization. The program inspires teens to be inclusive, to give service, to find peace in nature, and to reduce stress through exercise. It teaches team building skills, positive self talk and life skills and gives support for a more connected family. To support her movement, Robin has written and is the producer of a short film directed by award winning director Rob Diamond and has been approached to make it into a feature film. It is based on a true story that focuses on fostering inclusion for teenage suicide prevention and build true self esteem through looking outward. She is super passionate about making a difference in the lives of our youth.

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