National Stress Awareness Month with Dr. Shawn Talbott

Dr. Shawn Talbott

(KUTV) -- Next month is National Stress Awareness Month. So who better to join us than Dr. Shawn to share his favorite science-based ways to control stress.

  • Outsmart Stress-Eating = any type of stress, but especially lack of sleep, can lead to cravings for sugar and comfort foods. Before you eat, especially at night when stress-eating is most likely to occur, ask yourself if it's "real" hunger or stress cravings?
  • Turn Down Your Stress Response - certain foods and herbals can help your body and mind to reduce an overactive stress response to help calm your anxiety in the moment. Nuts (almonds/walnuts), asparagus, yogurt, and green tea all contain bioactive nutrients that can help us relax.
  • Prepare for the NEXT Stressor - improve your "resilience" to stress so you're better able to "roll" with whatever comes your way with flavonoids (berries/cherries/chocolate), mushrooms, fiber and probiotics.

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