Organizing tips for couples

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Salt Lake City — (KUTV) When organizing your home, don't let the project turn into a fight. Marla Dee from Clear and Simple shared four organizing tips for couples.

1. Make every weekend of the month different—one for play, one for projects, one for personal choice and one left open.

2. Use Boxes to contain all the piles when organizing. That way stuff doesn't drive you crazy.

3. Try the powerful tool of Mind Mapping when planning your trip, garage, renovation, new garden or other project.

4. Set aside your own space in the home that your partner doesn't interfere with. It is best if you each have your own room.

Marla Dee is the creator of the Clear & SIMPLE Way to be free of clutter and get organized. Marla makes organizing for all ages FUN, SIMPLE & FREEING! She teaches systems, tips and tools she has gathered in her 17 years as a professional organizer.

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