Protect Against Pornography on Computers and Phones

Waterford Institute

(KUTV) Robert Schroader from Paraben Consumer Software visited Fresh Living with tips to protect Against Pornography on Computers and Phones.

Kids can get around internet filters and monitoring software by sharing photos and videos via text messaging, apps, USB drives, etc. Images and video can be on the computer for years, even if there was accidental exposure. Parents can take additional steps to protect their children by using the Porn Detection Stick or PicTrace.

The Porn Detection Stick scans a computer, USB drives, etc. for illicit images. It even scans through deleted files. Parents can then permanently delete any offensive images or video. The results are blurred so parents don't have to be exposed to any found pornography.

PicTrace is a quick photo collection and investigation tool. With one click, you can collect photos from a computer and any iPhone or Android connected to the computer. It even collects some photos stored by some apps.

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