Restaurateur, Michael McHenry on supporting local business and supporting each other

Support Local Restaurants

Restaurateur, Michael McHenry is joining us via Skype to talk about the importance of supporting local businesses and supporting each other.

Restaurants are open to serve their communities during this difficult time! While the industry is always disciplined about cleanliness and safety, as an industry, we've never been safer. We have made all necessary adjustments to keep our customers and team members safe and continue to serve our communities.

During this time especially, people need a connecting place they can count on and our communities can continue to count on us for their daily meal, for a place where they can get a beautiful meal. We want everyone to stay healthy and full. We are seeing incredible desire within the community to be there for each other and we are set up so that area businesses can sponsor meals for local healthcare heroes, delivered to them as they serve on the front lines of the pandemic, taking care of our loved ones.

More about Michael McHenry

From selling his first self-built business at the age of 19, Michael has made one thing clear – “a good business only sells or scales”. Over the past decade, this 35-year-old industry disruptor has honed his skills in all aspects of brand creation, culture building and restaurant operations from start-up to multi-million-dollar enterprise. Michael’s dedication to “Championing others to their Fullest Potential” is evident in his ability to create and sustain high-performance results throughout the entire business. Having created over 1,500 jobs and opening more than 40 restaurants, Michael has a knack for influencing others and growing one of a kind brands. National award-winning concepts under his leadership have changed the course of the restaurant industry.

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