Safe and efficient furnace inspections from Dominion Energy

Dominion Energy

Before running your furnace this winter, have it inspected by a licensed contractor to ensure its safety and efficiency.

The weather is getting colder, so Therm is here sharing what it means for people wanting to heat their homes. He says generally, there are no issues when firing up your furnace, but getting it inspected by a licensed contractor can ensure that it is running safely and efficiently. A contractor is able to make sure that all of the various parts and safety features on your furnace are working in harmony. This may prevent any potential carbon monoxide problems. CO detectors are a great safety feature to have in your home, but they are there only as a second line of defense. An annual inspection with CO detectors makes sure that all of your bases are covered.

Through that same inspection, your contractor would be able to make recommendations on what could be replaced or fixed to make your current furnace more efficient or they might even recommend updating your furnace to ensure you are getting the maximum value for your energy dollars.

For more information visit It has tips that you can do on your own to make your home more energy-efficient through the winter, as well as what your contractor should be looking for when conducting their inspection.