Say Good-Bye to Migraines with Rezzimax


(KUTV) Salt Lake City - If you have migraines, headaches, sinus pain, jaw pain, or TMJ, you need to know about Rezzimax. Sharik Peck is a physical therapist and inventor of the Rezzimax Tuner, an FDA registered class 1 medical device. Sharik and his wife appeared on Fresh Living to talk about why he invented the Rezzimax Tuner and demonstrate how it works.

The Rezzimax tuner also has brain balancing benefits for autism and ADHD/ADD. The device can also promote healthy sleep and improved mental wellness.

To learn more about the Rezzimax Tuner, go to, or give it a try at the KUTV 2 Your Health Expo on February 24th, 2018 at the Mountain America Expo Center.