Simple Green Me: Lazy Day Yoga

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(KUTV) Amanda Jones, certified yoga and meditation instructor at and Salt Lake Community College, visited Fresh Living with some great yoga moves for your laziest of days.

Some days, even 15 minutes of gentle yoga seems like a hassle. Thankfully, the ancient art of Hatha yoga has us covered with its "energy releasing" Pawanmuktasana Series I - a series of "anti-rheumatic" poses great for lubricating joints, increasing circulation and toning nerves.

Virtually everyone can do these poses: chair-bound, arthritic, postpartum...even those with simply a case of the Mondays.

  1. Padanguli- and Goolf Naman - Toe and ankle bending (point and flex)
  2. Goolf Chakra - Ankle rotation
  3. Janu Naman - Knee bending
  4. Poorna Titali Asana - Butterfly
  5. Mushtika Bandhana - Hand clenching
  6. Manibandha Naman - Wrist bending
  7. Manibandha Chakra - Wrist joint rotation
  8. Kehuni Naman - Elbow bending
  9. Skandha Chakra - Shoulder socket rotation
  10. Greeva Sanchalana - Ear to shoulder stretch
  11. End with Chin or Jnana Mudra

If you liked these poses and want more, continue on with Pawamuktasana Series 2 and 3. As you practice, be aware of your mindchatter, and link each movement to an in- or exhale. And with movements this simple, now we have no excuses not to practice (and we didn't really want to miss out anyway)!