Smart Toy Dangers

Internet Safety

(KUTV) Salt Lake City - Are your child's smart toys putting your family at risk? Rob Schroader with Paraben Consumer Software talked with Kari & Dave on Fresh Living about the hidden dangers in smart toys, cameras, and more that all parents should know about before buying.

The internet of things has gotten so out of hand that the FBI has issued a PSA warning parents about the dangers of smart toys. Smart toys that connect to the internet can have things like sensors, microphones, cameras, data storage, speech recognition, and GPS locating and this data can be stored in the cloud. Not only are you at risk to having this information sold by the toy company, it is at risk for hacking on the toy itself or from the cloud.

Parents can help protect their kids by doing the following:

  • Read the privacy agreements to see if their data can be used or sold.
  • Search for existing security breaches for the toy before purchase.
  • Use secure passwords for toys that have accounts that store data.
  • Do not use toys that do not use passwords or PINs for Bluetooth.
  • Make sure any data transferred uses encryption.
  • Research whether the toy can receive firmware updates to fix security issues.
  • Find out where the data is stored.
  • Monitor your children's activity (listen to what they're telling their toys).
  • Turn toys off when not in use.

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