Spice Kitchen & Spudnik

Spice Kitchen

(KUTV) Salt Lake City - Karine Mnatsakanyan, owner of Spudnik, is also an entrepreneur for the Spice Kitchen in Salt Lake. Karine stopped by the Fresh Living kitchen to show Kari how to make her signature baked potato.

Karine is from Armenia and spent many years in Russia prior to coming to the U.S. She is the owner of Spudnik, a gourmet stuffed baked potato business inspired by kiosks in Moscow that would sell hot baked potatoes to commuters near metro stations. Spudnik can be found at the U of U Farmers Market, Wasatch Front Farmers Market at Wheeler Farm, and Spice-to-go, a hot meal pick-up service at Spice Kitchen every Thursday.

Spice Kitchen is a program of the International Rescue Committee and started in 2014. Spice Kitchen is a food business incubator for under-served individuals, in particular refugees and new Americans. Spice Kitchen currently has 37 individuals representing 33 businesses in the program. Program participants represent food from 5 different continents.

To learn more about Spice Kitchen, go to SpiceKitchenIncubator.org. To follow Spudnik, go to Facebook.com/spudnikSLC.